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    I am having trouble running a test servlet that I wrote under Tomcat 4.1.12. I created a context called MyApp
    and have a servlet called TestServlet. I developed, compiled and deployed this by putting the MyApp.war file
    in the CATALINA_HOME/webapps folder where CATALINA_HOME maps to C:\jakarta-tomcat-4.1.12. When I try to test the servlet with the following URI

    I get a HTTP Status 404 error. It tells me that the requested resource is not available.

    I have tested this in Tomcat 4.0.4 and it runs successfully. Of course I change the CATALINA_HOME variable to map to the correct Tomcat version each time.
    I also tested a static Index page on Tomcat 4.1.12 and I can get to the index page with the URL
    http://localhost:8080/MyApp/index.html and it works fine.
    But the call to the servlet gives me the 404 error

    Any ideas on what could be wrong? Thanks in advance

    Sunil Tuppale

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    Tomcat 4.12 will not recoginize a mapping such as
      /servlet/MyServlet, the invoker has been disabled
    becuase of a security problem. You can however map your
    Servlet using the <url-pattern>servlet/MyS</url-pattern>
    element in the web.xml file.
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    Thank You Mr. David King. Using the <url-pattern> tag in web.xml works!