Core JDO Chapter 1 "JDO Overview" Posted for Public Review


News: Core JDO Chapter 1 "JDO Overview" Posted for Public Review

  1. Chapter 1 of 'Core JDO' has been posted for public review. The chapter, "JDO Overview", goes over the concepts around which JDO is centered, including the notion of a domain model, orthogonal and transparent persistence, how JDO provides this persistence in managed and non-managed environments, etc.

    Download and Review Core JDO Chapter 1: JDO Overview.

    The authors would appreciate your input.
  2. Chapter 1 is not listed in the list of available chapters. Currently, there's only chapter 3.

  3. Yann,

    The link for the Chapter 1 download should be there on

    Is anybody else experiencing this same problem?

  4. It works now. Thanks for the fix.

  5. Neither of the links for chapter 1 nor chapter 3 appear to work as of right now; it says the file is missing in each case.

    I had downloaded chapter 3 previously so perhaps something happened to make them both stop working?

  6. Randy,

    They should be working now.