i m really impressed by the site


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    Hello Floyed...

    This is Farhan...
    i m fresh graduate...and currently working in a Software House.... i m really impressed by the site...i don't know who the persons are involved in the development and the maintainance...but i think for sure part of it....i need to have few idea regarding it..

    1. the my thread portion...why have u named it as my thread portion is it that like u are maintaining a thread for each topic or its a just a user friendly name...can u give a bit detail on the it architecture or a bit of design....


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      I am glad you like the site! To get all the secrets about the implementation, read "Design Patterns and Architecture behind TheServerSide.com" slides that I presented at last years Java One. You can find them in the resources section.

      We named My Threads, because that page shows all the threads that a user is involved in on the site. It is a way for a user to track the conversations he is participating in.

    Feel free to ask more questions. :)


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    Hello Floyed.....

    Well i have downloaded the architecture u refered...and will go through it this weekend...what i need to know to floyed is like are u maintainging a thread for each user or something of the sort programitically or u have just named it mythreads as user friendly name.....i hope u know i mean to ask.....becaz i have also made a forum on my own in which there is no such concepts of thread... all i have is a file assocaited with each topic and the correspoding topics,replies,and the name of the person taking part in it are all stored in the database...and with this information i can like display all the info i need to with the file which contains all the replies.....so can u tell the structure behind ur mythread section please.....
    plus do u use any communcation software like ICQ or yahoo massenger...if u don't mind telling me...

    Will wait for ur positive reply.


  4. Hi,

    I am also interested in knowing about this just in technical point of view.

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    I named if MyThreads so that it would be user friendly, however everyones's view of my threads is different. Here is how my threads is built:

    It is just an ejbFindByUser() method on the thread entity bean. Inside this there is some sql that returns the primary key of every thread that a user has posted a message into, sorted by the "lastUpdated" column in the thread table.

    So each user sees a personalized list of threads he is participating in. There is no one "thread" per user, a thread is a container of messages, and users can post messages. The Message entity bean contains a reference to the user entity bean that posted it.

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    I agree.

    I found this site completely by chance (I do not even remember what prompted me to type in theserverside.com) but I am really glad that I did. I had been looking for something like this for a while and had not found anything that even comes close to compares. All I can say is thank you for a great site.

    Todd Lynch
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    I would like to know how the messages are actually stored in the database.....since there is a Message entity bean, is the content of the message a column in the table representing the Message entity bean ? if yes, what representation does this column have in the database ?