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    Quick background - we are caching many java objects (for interim data storage) in memory during Weblogic server startup. The caching mechanisms we are currently using were developed 'in house' by our development team. To increase performance, we are looking at third party products that provide java object caching mechanisms. A few products that I know that provide such mechanisms are 1) PointBase Embedded, 2) Versant enJin, and 3) Isocra livestore. Does anyone know of any other products? Also, can you provide any recommendations on what product to use? Any information you provide will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi,

    Checkout the Coherance product from Tangosol

    - Venkatraman.
  3. Thanks Venkatraman,

    Rob Misek
    Coherence: Easily share live data across a cluster!
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    We are using versant enjin in our project and i don't believe that this tool is valid for this purpose.


  5. Mr. Singh,

    At the risk of appearing blatantly vendor-ish, I feel compelled to refer you to my company, Chutney Technologies. We make a product called the Apptimizer which is used as a cache repository for Java objects -- to our knowledge, it is the only, ultra-high performance, out-of-process general purpose object cache in the marketplace. Unlike in-process caching mechanisms that require significant amount of synchronization and cause large amounts of garbage collection overhead, our product requires no synchronization and can minimize GC costs in java applications.

    A fair number of major corporations (Marsh McClennan, Merrill Lynch and Sabre, for example) are using our product very successfully. Check us out at
  6. GemStone has also released GemFire, a multi-VM (sharable) object cache.