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    Dear All,
    Can anybody let me know how to configure DataSource for a remote Database in WAS40 AE(i.e my .ear is running on one m/c and Database is running on other)
    Do I need to use NET Driver of DB2 for the same or is there any other way?
    Thanks in Advance
    Dushyant Bhardwaj
  2. Probably the best option (since DB2 is already running where your app is) is to configure a connection to the remote DB using the DB2 control center or cmd line processor. Then configure a DataSource in WebSphere using as the implementation class. When you install the driver, put in the classpath.

    You can use the net driver, but you will need the DB2 applet server server running on the db server. The net driver is type 3.

    You could also purchase a type 4 driver from someone like hit software ( and connect directly to your remote db).