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XML & Web services: EAServer, IAS, Weblogic, WebSphere or Oracle?

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    Our company is a big Oracle Shop. We are currently using Oracle 11i and Reports and Forms. We also have Powerbuilder applications which are getting migrated from version 4.0.

    Now we want to develop a new web based application. Our applications are data intensive and involves lot of data mainipulations. Our first though though was may be we should use Powerbuilder EAServer or Oracle Web development.

    But since there are so many products out in the market we would like to know of the following products which one will best support the application development. (The application is data intensive and involves lot of data manipulation.We are open to adapt new technology( if required). We are also big customer of Microsoft products (like Excel, MSword etc).)

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    Two years ago my project team (the company's first J2EE project) went with BEA because the level of their documentation, education and on-line resources was high. And because of the percieved stability of the company - something that is not as big a deal now that the shake out has occurred. We backed the system up with an Oracle system for data store.

    Looking back the choice was not a bad one but once the learning curve was passed, not a compelling one either. As an experienced Oracle shop your inital decision to go with Oracles web services makes sense to me. Although I've only read documentation, the implemenation in 11i looks very nice. And given that you are already buying Oracle the price is attractive. Actually, given the economy for the past two years I almost wish we could have pushed JBoss, Linux and an open source DB through the political hurdles. The doc is nowhere as good but the lack of a maintenance cost would be sweet.