Powerbuilder EAserver, Oracle, Weblogic, WebSphere , IAS ?


XML & Web services: Powerbuilder EAserver, Oracle, Weblogic, WebSphere , IAS ?

  1. Hi!
    Our company is a big Oracle Shop. We are currently using Oracle 11i and Reports and Forms. We also have Powerbuilder applications which are getting migrated from version 4.0.

    Now we want to develop a new web based application. Our applications are data intensive and involve lot of data manipulations. Our first though was may be we should use Powerbuilder EAServer or Oracle Web development.

    But since there are so many products out in the market we would like to know of the following products which one will best support the application development. (The application is data intensive and involves lot of data manipulation. We are open to adapt new technology ( if required). We are also big customer of Microsoft products (like Excel, MSword etc).)
    The products we are looking at are
    Powerbuilder EAserver, Oracle, Weblogic, WebSphere , IAS .

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Harini Upadhyaya
  2. Map all your current application to the current J2ee platform independent of the application server that you might select to use.

    Validate the business requirement against all the selected application server based on the buiness requirement template.

    Download a copy of the Book "Mastering Enterprise Java Beans Second Edition" from the link
    http://www2.theserverside.com/books/masteringEJB/index.jsp or buy a copy. Chapter 16 will give you a brief criteria in choosing application server.

    I will personal say to include open source application server like jboss in your option, because the jboss group I believe offers a great service to their customers and you could buy their application server documentation .

    The greatest problem you might have will be getting the right balance of skill to cross over from Powerbuilder,oracle mindset to the j2ee enviroment. If you current team can cross this barrier, then you will be one your way to have a successfully migration process.

    Use the best pratices using J2EE patterns.
    Most of yout PowerBuilder Datawindow function will be broken into the Presentation Layer, Transaction Management of EJB and EJB Query Language.

    Your team will need a good understanding of the deployment descriptor reference to correctly translate your datawindow function to the EJBs.

    Hope this helps been a former PB certified develop myself.

    Adeyemi Adebile
  3. Since you guys are an Oracle shop , the easiest way for you would be to go with Oracles's 9iAS line of Application Server .
  4. Hi We are uing IBM websphere 6.0.1 and want to configure oracle forms and reports services.Could anyone please let me know can we configure oracle9i forms and reports services on IBM websphere?