How are the message threads sorted?


TSS feedback: How are the message threads sorted?

  1. How are the message threads sorted? (3 messages)

    It seems to me the threads are sorted based on the time when it was first created. A better way is to sorted them based on the timestamp of the last response in the thread, allowing users to easily identify the most recently active thread.
  2. Eric,

       I was thinking of implementing that as well, I think it would be a real cook idea. However there are strong pro's and cons:

       - keep "cool threads" from being buried by new posts
       - don't have to search the threads for most active

       - very non standard (no other sites do this, users may get confused )
       - the same threads may be at the top of the list for too long
       - "new posts" could get buried under older more popular threads.

      I think what I will end up doing is implement a "sort by" feature, so that people can have an "active view" of the threads if they want.

  3. Floyd:

    Thanks very much for the quick reply. It will be extremely nice if the user can specify how they want to see the threads sorted, but it will require a lot more work from you folks.

    With respect to websites that use one sort method or the other, Oracle's developer site at and the JavaRanch site at both use the most recent post sorting mechanism, and I personally find them easy to use. uses the first posted time sort approach together with a "new posts available since you last visited" visual prompt and it also does a very good job.
  4. Floyd,
    I believe that a "sort by" feature is *exactly* what the portal needs. I do have trouble tracking responses. One of the best web-based newsgroups is on alphaworks. It is easy to follow and locate those messages you are looking for.