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    Does anyone out there know of a product taht allows you to persist session objects (500k) to provide failover? wlogic replicators don't cut it. thx in advance. -summo

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    Hi Summo,

    Take a look at Tangosol's Coherence clustered caching product. Coherence has an HTTP Replication Module for Servlet 2.3 application servers which does not limit the size of the session that is replicated across the cluster nodes.

    Further, if you are interested in persisting the information stored in the replicated clustered cache Coherence provides a "write-through" or "write-behind" feature allowing you to do so.

    Rob Misek
    Coherence: Easily share live data across a cluster!
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    you could also save yourself some $ and persist your session objects yourself.
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    One application server vendor uses a parallel in-memory database to store session objects in a clustered environment. Does anyone know the pros and cons of such an approach?