Sybase EAServer sets new SPECjAppServer2001 Records


News: Sybase EAServer sets new SPECjAppServer2001 Records

  1. Sybase released their latest SPECjAppServer2001 benchmark results, and they are quite impressive. Sybase now leads the dual node category with 202.12 BOPS (business operations per second), and its 332.73 $/BOPS.

    Check out the jAppServer2001 submitted results, and Sybase's press release.

    A very good product in my opinion, and deserves more press than it gets. NOTE: I'm not associated with Sybase other than being a happy, enthusiastic customer.

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  2. Wow, thats really amazing! Who thought they'd be able to accomplish such great results when looking at the early 4.x versions (not to mention 3.6 :-( ); Someone at Sybase told me they nearly did a full rewrite of the EJB engines within the 4.x releases.
    BTW: I always liked Sybase ASA (the little one) when suitable... just wondering if many of you had the chance to use it for real-world projects (i.e. is it very popular?) and how you liked it.

  3. In the result, it states that it uses the lastest 1.4.1 JVM ( Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM version 1.4.1-rc-b19). I think the result indicate the the performance of Sybase EAServer and also the performance of lastest JVM technology.

    In the same DualNode group, Oracle9iAS runs under the 1.4.0 JVM (Java (TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition Version 1.4.0). I think Oracle9iAS can performs better under 1.4.1 JVM. But the $/BOPS of Sybase result is really attractive.

    The JVM tuning of Sybase EAServer are:
    1.The memory parameters minimum and maximum heap size are set to 868M.
    2. The garbage collection parameters NewSize and MaxNewSize are set to 300M.

    I think they can tune the 1.4.1 JVM to get a better result.
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    Here I have to wonder, with all the bashing of EJB, that really what we are waiting for are good implementations of the technology.

    For CMP EJB, I think the API is pretty straight forward, but the real problem has been performance...

    With better cacheing and load/store strategies, and improvements such as local interfaces, aren't we looking at a 'light at the end of the tunnel' on the EJB portion of the J2EE spec?

    Just a thought..

    Mike Conway
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    I have found that the performance of EJB container managed relationships was acceptable on weblogic 6.1. The problem for many is not the performance, but is in fact the complexity of the CMP model, and the lack of real object orientation in entity beans. The code/test cycle is a nightmare with CMP. In addition to all the interfaces that have to packaged in the jar and in put in an ear, you have to deal with all the XML files. As if the EJB xml files weren't enough, you have to manage a proprietary cmp-rdbms xml descriptor. All this gets really nasty. Yes, there are shortcuts like ejbgen and xdoclet, and in fact, without these tools and ant, the process is impossible. If you are not a very experienced java developer your chances of being able to implement a complex CMP model in a team environment are slim. The component model just doesn't make a lot of sense for database access, especially when it is a best practice to access the EB from a session facade anyway. All this has absolutely nothing to do with sybase ... ;)
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    These results are two months old (submited in November 2002 at the same day as Borland BES/JDataSore result), or I am wrong ?