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News: Coldbeans Releases JMX Web Suite

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    Coldbeans has released a new family of products for JMX. This project provides a rich set of JMX management widgets for various application servers. This gives developers the ability to include management functions right into their web applications.

    JMX HTML adaptor is a generic JMX adaptor implemented as a set of custom tags driven JSP pages (actually it is less than 500 lines) and could be used with any application server with JMX support. And because it is JSP you can easily incorporate them into your own applications. For details see

    Users of JBoss application server can use Jconsole – JMX based management console. This product also includes JMX HTML adaptor. For details see

    Both products are live examples of usage for Coldtags suite – a largest collection of custom JSP tags. This RAD tool for web developers is available here:

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  2. How do you download them?
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    What do you mean? Both products are web applications for
    J2EE containers and .war files are there