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     I have been asked by manager to find out pros and cons of using Java and Perl for my state gov. working on. My dept. has a lot of mainframe/db2/AIX running. And they are planing to upgrade these system to web based one. Usually develop some web interface connect back to mainframe. So now comes to a point what lang. to use. If Java is used, they are thinking to use websphere/MQSeries, if perl used, i don't know what they product they will use.
     Can anyone give me some idea?
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    I can't imagine any reasonable architect selecting Perl for implementing any kind of EAI solutions. Java/J2EE has definitely the best available toolkit for integrating solutions on varying platforms.
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    Hi !

    i would choose Java/J2EE to be the solution for your case considering future requirements of the application.

    Once your legacy application is integrated with Java/J2EE
    platform it not only helps you to provide a good web based interface,it also gives a good scope of using future technologies e.g if i am right all your data is in DB2 running in AIX ,now in future u can think of the data can be presented in differant forms like transfering the information through a message service using JMS service which comes along with J2EE platform.Likewise u can extend for services such as WebServices,Mail,Modern devices such as Mobiles,PDA's etc which ultimately gives a holistic view of your information.

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    Perl is loosely typed and embodies the phrase "there's more than one way to do it". It gives the programmer immense freedom. What that means is that if your team (or even just you) is (are) not organized, disciplined and very experienced, you will be left with an unmaintainable mess. PERL has the tendancy to be "write-only" unless you are very careful. It's a great tool (one I couldn't live without), but it's not designed or appropriate for enterprise-level applications.

    In addition, you don't have nice tools like J2EE at your disposal.