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    I'm beginnging to work more and more with binding objects to/from XML instead of doing all that painful XML/Object binding through DOM and SAX (man that is a pain). I'm curious about some of the pros and cons of the tools out there. Some popular ones that I've found are JAXB (Early Access at, Castor, and Zeus from Enhydra.

    Have any of you had experiences with these? Good? Bad? Is one particularly easy to work with, or easier to use with specific environments like web-services and all of that stuff?

    There is some talk on the various community sites (Java Lobby, Boutique, IBM DW, etc), but this doesn't seem to be as big a topic as I would have thought.


    Jason McKerr
    Northwest Alliance for Computational Science and Engineering

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    i vote for castor a good open source product with more stability.
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    Yeah, I quite like Castor. Seems quick and much easier to use than JAXB. The exolab site seems to be down all the time though? Anyone know why?