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    Does anybody know the patterns used internally in the EJB architecture? I know that interceptor, asymmetric extension interface, proxy, abstract factory are used, but I'd like to know if there is a paper or something about all the patterns used in EJB and how they interact togheter.

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    look for "j2ee patterns" into sun site, you should find pattern and references of into the j2ee architecture.
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    If I search for "J2ee patterns" what I obtain is the list of patterns to use when designing a j2ee application, not the patterns used to create the j2ee middleware architecture. Thanks anyway
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    I can't remember exactly, something like "Server Component Patterns:Illustrated with EJB", I bought one from amazon, it talks about patterns used in EJB, .Net and CCM, etc. However, IMO, the content is not as good as its title, almost everything is from EJB specs. I think I wasted three days just to read something I already knew...