Coldtags Taglib Suite v1.25 Released


News: Coldtags Taglib Suite v1.25 Released

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    Coldbeans Software announced the major new release of Coldtags taglib. This suite provides 125+ custom
    JSP tags for common programming tasks faced by JSP developers. Tags cover the most often used areas in web development. And now this suite includes custom tags similar to web controls in .NET framework.

    Check out:

    What is new:

    - more than 20 new components such as EJB taglib, template taglib, client side validation, more ASP.NET similar components like Grid etc.
    - massive updates in existing elements: new options, parameters and functionality. List of updated tags includes such popular tags as Cache, Tree and Uploading too
    - integration with our JSOS collection like tags for access to site stats
    - live examples for our suite (some like our own Blueprint): a generic JMX HTML adaptor and a management console for JBoss application server

    At this moment Coldtags suite is probably the largest collection of custom JSP tags over the Net and continues to grow. Coldtags suite is the only source of ASP.NET similar tags and is the only RAD tool for JSP allows a similar speed in web application development.

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  2. Floyd,

    a while ago I announced our new JMS/JavaMail Bridge plus a patch release of SwiftMQ (4.0.1). You have rejected that.

    I see this coldtags stuff every couple of weeks here. Once they added a new JSP tag, they make noise and get an entry on TSS. Look above, v1.25.

    I request some clear rules!

    -- Andreas
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    Andreas, if you type in Coldtags in the search window you'll see that we last ran a coldtags announcement 3 months ago, and the previous one 3 months before that.

    You tried posting your 4.0.1 announcement just one month after your last 4.0 announcement on Nov 5th. We won't run news about minor point releases just a month after the last one. We understand that some companies have version number schemes that actually have important releases that look like point releases, so we use a 2-3 month threshhold until we'll run another product release.

    All this to keep the news for our members as useful and macro as possible, and not bombard them with minor point releases every month.

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    This is from Jan. 14th.

    The mentioned JMX suite is a part of their current announcement.

    Not that I'm having anything against their product, but then don't reject my stuff. Usually I don't make announcement just for marketing. This is boring.

    -- Andreas
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    I understand your frustration. You can post an announcement of point releases once every 2-3 months. At which time, you might summarize the key new features of all the previous releases in the last 3 months as well.

    We'd likely accept such posts at that frequency.

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