Lotus to put JavaServer Faces in future tools


News: Lotus to put JavaServer Faces in future tools

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    The Lotus Notes developer has been on the sidelines a bit over the last few years as Microsoft has marched its Visual Basic troops toward .NET, and another army of developers moved to the new Java platform. Lotus, as well as parent IBM, has moved more recently to help these developers shift to J2EE, but it hasn't been easy.

    At Lotusphere in Orlando, Fla., Lotus managers talked about what is in store for Domino and Notes specialists, as the Lotus platform continues to become a more intrinsic partner with IBM's other middleware offerings. Java and EJB classes have been supported in the Lotus developer environment for some time now, but the upcoming moves are aimed at vastly simplifying the developer's tasks.

    Key in Lotus's plans are a Lotus Domino Toolkit for WebSphere Studio, available in the near term, and new RAD features that will follow later. The RAD features are of special interest because they are said to implement aspects of the JavaServer Faces technology that is now being worked on by the Java Community Process (JCP).

    See full article at Programmer's Report (http://www.adtmag.com/article.asp?id=7226).

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    implement aspects of the JavaServer Faces

    it would be great if anyone from IBM will shed light on this. What does it mean?
    What these aspects are? How it looks like?

    Dmitry Namiot
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    Just as an FYI, the Lotus development environment does NOT have any type of support for EJBs.
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    which IMO does not per se speak against it.. yeah, this is an old topic.