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    I am looking for a framework that makes developing an EJB swing client easier. Swing is given, no webapp.
    The framework should be "mainstream" and should not run out of support tomorrow.

    Is there such a thing? Google told me about ULC (http://www.canoo.com/ulc/)? Is that widely used?

    Thanks for any hints,
  2. Well, what are you really looking for? There's a fes simple design patterns that can make Swing/J2EE usage very palatable.

    EJBHomeFactory - wraps up all the code needed for getting a home interface to an EJB.

    BusinessDelegate - Encapsulates calling an EJB method to handle all exception handling and other weird EJB calling convetions.

    Session Facade - Encapsulate all server-side access through a series of session EJBs.

    With these patterns, EJB calls in your Swing code become as simple as any other method call.

    I've used both of these patterns on a couple of projects, and had no problems with J2EE after they were in place.

    The book "EJB Design Patterns" available on this site details these patterns, plus some other good ones that you can use as well.