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    Can anyone please recommend a GUI based IDE for integrated J2EE (including EJB)

    Im partiucalry interested in the best platform indepedent IDE and those recommend for WLS and Websphere. Also any cost/benefit analysis would be welcome (i.e any freeware/shareware ones which are particularly good)

    I'd also like to evaluate those which package up the EJB factory classes for you from simple bean creation and if any lend themselves to MVC2 or Struts

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    Eclipse or JBuilder and Ant build tool
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    I've been working with Oracle JDeveloper which is pretty good,
    another good one is Visual Age for Java (If you use Websphere
    and got lot of money) finally AFAIK, Borland's JBuilder is the
    most used one.


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    In my opinion, Borland has kind of dropped the ball on their JBuilder product. It was good a few years ago, but hasn't changed much since. The 2 I look at currently as the bleeding edge of technology are Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA.

    They are pretty nice and have many modules.