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    Right now a user on this forum can keep track of the discussion threads he participated in. Wouldn't it be useful if we can watch/bookmark a specific thread even though we don't participate in the discussion. This is just a suggestion,not sure if it is feasable.

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  2. In the plans[ Go to top ]

    Brian -

    We currently have this on the feature list. You will be able to tag threads that you like, and then in "My Threads" you will have a Favourites area, along with the threads that you participated in.

    Thanks for giving us feedback.

  3. Favorites feature done.[ Go to top ]

    Hi Brian -

    You will now see a "Save Thread as Favorite" link on the top of all threads.
    If you click on one of those, the thread will be saved as your favorite.

    Then you can click on "My Threads" and your favorites bar will be on the right.