innoQ has just released version 1.2 of iQgen, its MDA compliant software generator. iQgen is a code generation engine following OMG's MDA principles. It reads model information in XMI format and transforms it into any kind of textual code representation based on rules formulated in JSP templates. New in this version is support for current versions of the supported CASE tools, numerous GUI improvements, and other bugfixes.


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innoQ has just released version 1.2 of its MDA code generation tool, iQgen. iQgen supports model driven software development by allowing developers to separate business models (PIM, or Platform Independent Models) from architecture definitions that specify the mapping to a specific PSM (Platform Specific Model).

iQgen's aim is to allow developers to get rid of repetitive, uncreative work by specifying architectural patterns in an easy way, using templates written in JSP syntax. Model information that has been exported from leading case tools in XMI format, as well as existing code, is used as the input for the generation process. iQgen does not aim to provide a standard architecture; rather, it enables architects to turn their own architectural rules into a part of an automated software generation process.

iQgen's output includes, but is not limited to, anything from Java, C++ or C# code to deployment descriptors, database DDL files, or HTML GUIs.

iQgen is a commercial product, but free for educational and other non-commercial use. An evaluation version can be downloaded from

Stefan Tilkov