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    I'm not sure if this forum the right pplace for my question. Anyway I have not found any better place on this site.

    So, my question is:
    is there any wrapper / bridge to enable CORBA application to coomunicate with DCOM ones? More in details - we have existing Java(+CORBA) software. This software have to "live" in MS-environment and communicate with C++ software via DCOM.
    Please give me a hint to such a product. OpenSource products are especially welcome.


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    you may find the required info and wrapper to accomplish your requirement
  3. We are have an application that talks to ours via a COM-CORBA bridge. Our Java application is CORBA based (using VisiBroker) and the other application is based on the MS technologies such as VB, COM, DCOM and so on.

    We publish our CORBA repository in order the bridge can see it. If you need the name of the bridge vendor please e-mail me at hrh747 at hotmail dot com and I will try to find out the info.