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Performance and scalability: Hosting Java Batch Processes in App Server

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    Hi All,

    In our project, apart from online operations, there is a need to run lot of batch processes written in java. If we run the batch processes separately in the command prompt, then we need to build transaction, connection pooling, threading etc mechanisms in batch process. Is there a way to host these batch processes in App servers and get all the benefits of app server along with scalability , performance and fail over.

    Solutions or Pointers are very much appreciable.

    Thanks and regards
  2. There really isn't native support for batch processes and scheduling in J2EE that I'm aware of. I use ThreadWorks instead of rolling my own.
  3. you might want to look into Message Queue using JMS/Message-Driven bean.
  4. Can you explain more on how Message Driven Bean be helpful in this scenario
  5. Though it appears I'm about 5 years too late, thanks to Google I stumbled upon this discussion thread :). An article that describes where java-based batch processing has gone since this topic started: