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    I am using JBOSS 3.0.6, EJB 2.0, CMP 2.0


    I have Session Bean(SB) A running on server 1 and
    Session Bean(SB) B running on server 2.


    ** I want to be able to call B from A, but when i try to do that i get a java.rmi.MarshallException when i try to type cast the object that i get on lookup.

    ** I have verified that, the object that i am getting on the lookup is the same object as i am trying to type cast.

    ** However when i try to call the same bean B on server 1 from a normal application client (i.e., not from a JBoss server) it works fine

    I have been doing alot of research on the net or this stuff over past 1 week, found alot of (so called solutions) but none work, here is some what i tried

    (1) Some people suggested making the transaction on the session bean to not required .... tried that didnt work.
    (2) Some told to include the interfaces in the shared directory/ classpath of the server ... which would be jboss3.0.x/server/default/lib when i am using the default server .. but that gives me the same error.
    (3) Some say that this is a endpoint for CMP and to user BMP, .. i havent tried that out ... but i would like to avoid BMP

    Can somebody let me know what am i missing there or atleast point me to place where i can learn about this?


    Meka Toka

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    Have you narrowed the object using PortableRemoteObject.narrow() (as it wasn't mentioned in your post)? The narrow method should be used for all remote lookups in order to support the IIOP protocol.
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    yes i did narrow that, however i tried both ways, using narrow and not using it. Both ways didnt work.

    Meka Toka