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News: Java API's for XML Binding 1.0 Updated

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    After several years of development, the final version of the Java API's for XML Binding (JAXB) 1.0 specification has been released. JAXB gives Java developers an efficient and standard way of mapping between XML and Java classes. Also, a new JSR for the Java API's for XML Processing (JAXP) 1.3 spec was also posted; its intention is to add SAX 2 and DOM level 3 support to JAXP.

    Download JAXB 1.0 specification and checkout JSR 31: JAXB.

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  2. Anyone have any experience with how this compares with other, similar tools? I recall prototyping with this back about a year and a half ago and wasn't too impressed. Not bad but not totally great, either. How does it compare to other tools, and what are those other tools? I've worked with .NET and they do XML binding in a nice neat way with code attributes. Makes it easy to create config files. I have yet to find something that works so quickly in Java but I'd be dying to find it.
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    You can find an analysis of various xml binding toolkit on IBM DeveloperWorks
  4. I have used JAXB about a year and half ago while it was still in beta, and the only thing I disliked was that you had to write a DTD and a custom schema(not a w3c XML schema). I am not sure but I think it was not possible to validate the documents back then with JAXB. I still liked the tool as it was better than the competition (Castor). In my current project I tried castor again and I like it better because all I have to do is write an XML Schema and it would generate all the required classes. I never had any perfomance issues with either tool.

    There was a javaworld article that compares JAXB and castor.
  5. I used the beta too. I liked a lot, and it did support validation, but it was a bit buggy. However I think the new version does not support DTDs, only XML Schemas. I tried a couple of DTD to Schema conversion tools, but none worked well enough for me to abandon the buggy beta. Can anyone sugggest a good converter, and guidelines for how to use them?

  6. I evaluated JAXB beta a few months ago. The source generation was not bad. It takes an XML schema and outputs interfaces and implementation classes. I did not find a way to map existing Java classes to XML which was what I was looking for.
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    As I hate parse XML files with SAX (brrr, it is so horrible), and as I usually use XML simple files (ex: config files), I decided to look for a binding tool (6 months ago).

    I have tried JAXB 1.0, Websphere Studio Binding Tool (WSAD 4) and Castor-XML (from

    And The winner was, 6 months ago, Castor-XML.
    The use is very easy, you just have to build an XML-Schema and define the package where you want the generated classes be placed.

    I was quite disappointed by the 2 other tools cause they didn't clearly separate the binding treatment methods from the binded beans and, moreover, all of those binded beans were inheriting IBM or Sun classes. Very bad if you wanto extend this pre-generated model !

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    For JAXB, I have used the beta version, of course !
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    We are currently using castor in our project. The ease with which you can define inheritance is so good with castor that, with the current JSR for JAXB, there is no way to extend classes. Tou ccan only implement interfaces. This kind of makes life very difficult because in most cases, it is an extremely powerful feature to be able to handle inheritance for data binding.
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    I downloaded it and started reading the docs but they were huge. I then decided to use Zeus, a tool I've used before. It works great and is so easy to set up and use. I'm curious if anyone can compare JAXB to Zeus.
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    Doesn't Zeus only support String values, but no typed values (int, date etc.)?