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    first of all,
    sorry for bad english.

    I have to do a university project.
    For this project I need to well understand the difference beetween Jonas and JBOss.

    I understand that JBoss is a microkernel based server (and use JMX) not as Jonas.

    But in simple word, why a man chose one instead of the other?
    Can anyone do a simple comparison beetween this AS?
    All info i found in internet is almoust old...

    I know that latest versione of Jonas is 3.0
    instead JBoss is 3.0.6

    Thanks very much!
  2. Ok, this all is coming from the top... no... the back of my head based on shady memories from the past. So please correct me and update my knowledge all the JBoss/JOnAS gurus out there :)

    Both JBoss and JOnAS are built on a service-oriented architecture where the actual core is very small and has a relatively large set of services registered to it. A service can use other services through some application server specific "discovery" API.

    The major difference I guess is that while JOnAS implements this service integration core thingie using some custom interfaces (org.jonas.something.Service etc.), JBoss uses a JMX implementation to manage the services as JMX MBeans.

    I really don't know the correct definition for "micro kernel", but with my intuition, I'd say JOnAS also has a sort of micro kernel.