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    hello all

    We have made a WEB application based on Tomcat and Apache Struts. We have setup with SSL.
    SSL goes to Apache HTTP server, which speaks with Tomcat via apj13.

    The problem is that IE sometimes shows error message "This page contains both secure and non-secure elements. Do you want to
    display non-sescure elements ?". I think it has to something with javascript, because after that error massage
    javascript doesnt work anymore. If I click javascript error icon, it says "access is denied".

    That erorr happens randomly, I cant repeat it at the same place.

    Can anyone help me somehow ?

    At what circumstances IE displays that error ? We use version 6.0

    Maris Orbidans

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  2. try with netscape[ Go to top ]

    try with netsacpe, see if u get same problem or not, to check it's browser specific problem.
  3. try with netscape[ Go to top ]

    yup, it turned out to be Micro$oft Explorer bug.