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    Hi Guys

    Well, I have really, really been enjoying what I have been learning off this site. It's great. One improvement I would like to see is that Questions posted on this site are only answered and see by members of the serverside community. It would rock if you could make the discussions web front-ends into actual Newsgroups, so that everyone can participate.

    i.e. A lot of developers use google.com to search newsgroups to come up with answers, theserverside would then be participating in that. It would also bring a lot of new developers to the community who could discover it by searching and reading our community posts from their search results from google or reading a post on a news reader.

    Keep up the good work
    Steve Watt
    IBM, Austin,TX

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    Hi Steve -

    We do have NNTP integration on the feature list. There are a couple of products out there that can probably help us out here.

    I wonder if anyone is working on a standard for discussions/forums, so you could easily integrate usenet style, weblog dialog, yahoo groups! style, etc.
    That would be cool.

    Thanks for the input,