Microsoft's bCentral Web Hosting Service doesn't support .NET


Industry news: Microsoft's bCentral Web Hosting Service doesn't support .NET

  1. Microsoft's bCentral web hosting service does not currently support .NET. The main reason for the lack of support is that few of bCentral's 15,000 customers have asked for it, according to the Microsoft representative.

    According to Microsoft representative they don't see enough demand for .NET:

    Read Microsoft Web hosting leaves out .Net
  2. That's because .NET has these characteristcs:

    1. A well-founded aura of vendor lock in. They are out there to lock you in, once you get pass the superficial benefits -if any.
    2. Reinvents the J2EE wheel (adds some new things but nothing dramatic)
    3. The dev tools are very expensive and just work on Windows.
    4. You get to deploy your production code on "reliable" the Windows OS -uhmm...
    5. The competition has all kinds of tools at all price levels, maturity, interoperability, variety to accommodate different styles, best practices, history of success etc.
    6. .NET is very late too market (.NET's real stumping ground is the sever side)
    7. Bad macroeconomic conditions
    8. Microsoft's history of not playing fair with competitors has generated LOTS of bad will.
    9. Microsoft's push for their own standards
    10. Microsoft is known for more it's marketing than for delivered quality and security.

    It's a shame, as Developer I would like to see it succeed but it has an uphill battle ahead of it.

    My Two Cents