is W2K/WAS4 scalable?


Performance and scalability: is W2K/WAS4 scalable?

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    My company canNOT invest in buying Bix Boxes likes RS6000.
    We can only afford as many as Windows2000 servers for horizontal cloning of our J2EE Application.

    As an infrstructure Manager, I am worried about the performance of my J2EE application on W2K Platform. We don't want to migrate to .NET!.

    Do you suggest Intel Linux?


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    Intel/Linux and Intel/Windows (depending on what your organization is comfortable with) are both good solutions for most applications.

    If your WebSphere application is simple enough, you can easily load-balance across a number of clones.

    If you need HTTP session replication and failover, or coherent caching, both are built in to Tangosol Coherence.


    Cameron Purdy
    Tangosol, Inc.
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    the important thing for scaling a system is the app server clustering and the JDK speed/stability.

    Linux vs WINDOWS is a question of expertise not really and either or scenario for perfomance.
    In other words the one you have the most expertise in administering will probably be the one that you get the most scalability out of.
    .Net is not necessary on WINDOWS machine.

    The big cost is which app server you use. With Weblogic going at 14k per CPU and other big vendors following suit the thinking at our company is going with JBOSS.

    The advantage with jboss is you can write your own pluggins to tune to your specific needs or hire a jboss consultant to help you in you situation for a lower cost than what a couple of weblogic licences cost.

    Dan D.