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    Hi All,
    Could any one of you suggest which is the best web server in the market today to host Java based web applications ?
    It will be great if you can suggest some websites for related information.
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    Do you really mean "which web server" or did you perhaps mean "which application server"?

    I guess there is no doubt that Apache is the number one web server, but with application servers there is no clear winner, in my opinion. I've listed the most popular appservers here in two categories:

    Open source:
    - JBoss (full J2EE)
    - Tomcat (servlets and JSPs)
    - JOnAS (full J2EE)

    - BEA WebLogic
    - IBM WebSphere
    - Oracle 9iAS
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    I use Resin as a Servlet Engine and Apache 2.x.x as a Web Server. I use mod_caucho plugin to pass control from apache to Resin. Apache serves the static content (html, css, images etc.), and maybe perl and php (etc.) scripts also. I really like the flexibility that this configuration provides to me. I I'd need application server, then I would look at Orion Server. In fact I have used orion in similar configuration as I now use Resin. Both Resin and Orion are free for dev puposes and are also low cost when you need to buy one.