BEA eWorld 2003 Presentations Available Online


News: BEA eWorld 2003 Presentations Available Online

  1. BEA eWorld 2003 Presentations are now available, covering the new BEA WebLogic 8.1 Platform, CMP Performance, EJB best practices, New features of EJB 2.1, Clustering and load balancing, and many more. All presentations are offered as PDF.

    Interesting EJB Presentations:

    -- High Performance CMP
    -- dev2dev Developers' Tips & Tricks for EJB Development
    -- Building EJB 2.0 CMP Applications with Borland JBuilder and BEA WebLogic
    -- Making the Most of EJB Load Balancing
    -- Manipulating Persistent Data using EJB, JDO, and JDBC Row Sets
    -- What's New in EJB 2.1?

    There are also many other presentations that I believe are useful in leveraging the best performance and practices when utilizing EJBs in BEA WebLogic. All documents are in PDF format.

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    Are there any final comments from folks who went to eWorld this year?
  2. New Capabilities and Roadmap says final release for 8.1 on March 31st?
  3. Launch Dates[ Go to top ]

    I can add some clarification. BEA WebLogic Server 8.1 (engine) GA will be in the near future, but BEA hasn't publicly committed to a date. The 3/31 is probably in reference to WebLogic Server 8.1 GA.

    WebLogic Platform 8.1 with Workshop 8.1, which contains WebLogic Server 8.1 will GA in the summer.

    Director, BEA
  4. Last year's were regular powerpoint presentations.