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    can anyone tells me how I can learn JDO ? how should I configure it ? where can I download class files ?
    is it implemented by sun or just the spec is done by sun?

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    Sun also has a reference implementation for JDO.

    Take a look at www.jdocentral.com for tutorials and JDO implementations (TJDO is so far the most popular open source implementation).
  3. I have looked at TJDO , but it does not have the optional implemetation of application server integration[ I Think ]

    I have a question here :
    is jdo widely used today in j2ee and server side ? or it has'nt found its place yet?
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    Goto http://www.libelis.com/ and register. You can download a very good book on JDO: Java Data Objects from Robin Roos and the community version JDO implementation called LiDO