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    One of the JSP implicit objects is request object. My requirement is that I need to add few variables and values to the request object. I tried using request.setAttribute() but it is not working. The new values added are to be accessed in the same page. Can any one help me out.
  2. parameters != attributes[ Go to top ]

    If you mean to add extra parameters in the request (as if the submitted form would have contained extra <input name="par_name" value="par_value">'s), there is no way to do that.

    You have to wrap your request, for example read all request paremeters & values, put them in a HashMap, and use the map in the following code, instead of the request.
  3. Hi Dieter Cailliau,
      The code what you mentioned in the reply is missing / not visible. Can you please resend the code or reply back with the code?