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       I am wondering wheather using J2EE CA for Ldap connectivity to Appserver is a right thing?

    As we all know,J2EE Connector Architecture talks about the *plugability* btn appservers & back end EIS like sap/peoplesoft etc....

    But how about applying J2EE CA for Ldap connectivity?
    Does it make sense?


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    Why use a connector when you already have JNDI?
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    I am planning to use Ldap server as a backend datastore for my tree like structure objects not as JNDI server...In this case,is it worth trying J2EE CA?
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    In the J2EE stack, JNDI is the primary API for accessing directory services. LDAP is a directory (well, more accurately a protocol for accessing a directory).

    JNDI should be flexible enough unless you plan to use some vendor proprietary features of the LDAP server.