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    What is the problem if I have JMS Destination in different Weblogic JMS in a Cluster to be
    members of single distributed destination? Because the advantage with this configuration
    will be automatic failover in case of one Weblogic server in a cluster crash. Assuming that
    have much data integrity problem and losing some messages in case of failure is ok? Also my
    messages are non persistant?



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    I might be wrong here, but If you are using JMS in a clustered environment it is my thought that having them peristable is a better way to go. More over most clustering implementations for JMS require them to be so. Unfortunately , I dont have much experience with Weblogic
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    I'm not sure what you are asking. A distributed WebLogic JMS destination consists of multiple physical destinations that are located using the same name. If one of the physical destinations is unavailable, clients can continue to function using the alternate destinations. If a physical destination is unavailable, messages on that physical destination remain unavailable until the destination is booted or migrated to a running server. Messages sent to a distributed topic are made available to all subscribers of all physical destinations that comprise the topic. A message sent to a distributed queue is available to the first available consumer of one of the physical destinations that comprise the distributed queue. Messages to distributed destinations may be either persistent or non-persistent.

    For additional questions, note that the newsgroups.bea.com newsgroup server has an active newsgroup for weblogic.developer.interest.jms. Also refer to the WebLogic JMS Programmer's Guide.

    Tom, BEA
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    Also bear in mind that the functionality that Tom refers to is only available as of version 7, there were no virtual destinations available in 6.x