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    I've been looking at WebLogic Portal 7 recently. As good as it seems my doubt has always been the proprietary nature as opposed to Struts for example. According to WebLogic Developers Journal March issue, Portal 8.1 will support JSR 168, the Java Portlet API.

    I just wondered if anyone has looked at this JSR, and if so, how it compares with struts.

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    I have gone through the JSR 168 spec. Its really an extension to servlet specs. Portlets have now been identified as a web resource (like servlets) and this specs define standards for portlets. It defines the life cycle management, modes, states, security and other things for portlets. You can map this to servlets specs. Servlets specs also standarize similar functions !!
    Regarding relation to struts, I am not sure how can they be linked ?? May be struts can be used by vendors to provide the implementation of the portlet container ???