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    Hi all,

    I would like to know if there exists articles or software
    for unit testing of EJBs (with Junit/JunitEE or anything else).

    What are "intelligent" or "required" tests to do by EJBs
    programmers out of the business logic ?

    What are "statistically classical errors" made when using EJBs ?

    (For example, in pure Java/C, I would look at null pointer, OutOfBounds Index Array, Overflow, etc ...)

    I know that for language like Fortran/C there exists tools
    based on static analysis by abstract interpretation that allow to find if an index at a given instruction of a source code can be OutOfBounds in a given context.

    Also where could I find code coverage techniques on EJBs ?




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    Have a look at Cactus (www.apache.org), this has good coverage of EJB testing, discussing stuff like mock objects et al. There is also a thread on the go in the Cactus forums about this very subject.

    Good luck