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General J2EE: multiple app server instances in the same jvm

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    I have a scenario where 2 instances of an app server are running on the same JVM. App Server A hosts App A and App Server B hosts App B.
    In order for an ejb in App A to invoke a method of an ejb in App B, do I need to use Remote interface or a local interface will do.
  2. are u sure you have two servers running on the same JVM, I did not even know that was possible. Which App server is this ?

    If the applications are across containers on the server then you'll have to use Remote interfaces.
  3. I have to propose various cluster configurations for a client. One of the possibilities is Single CPU shared memory configuration for the 2 instances in the cluster. I have enough RAM and processing ability to support the two instances. Well my question is fictitious :) and arose from the above situation.
    And there can be multiple app server instances on the same JVM - Websphere App Server for one, allows this.
  4. Hi Rohini,
       This is the first time,i am also hearing this configuration. If you have some docs/pointer,can you point me to it?

  5. Why would you want to do this?[ Go to top ]

    Why would you want to deploy two app servers in the same JVM? Would it not be better just to deploy the two apps on the same app server instance?