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  1. Apache Tomcat service stops itself (2 messages)

    Pc Environment
    1. o/s = Windows 2000 Professional
    2. harddisk = 20 GB; available =
    3. memory= 327216 K RAM
    4. General System Properties
     > x86 Family 6 Model 5 Stepping
     > 2

    Web Application Environment
    1. jsp/servlet container = Apache Tomcat
    2. Database = Ms SQL

    1. Why sometimes the apache tomcat service dies/stops by itself?
    2. Example, when I navigate to a jsp which has session involved, in order to get the userid and password from the login page;
       the jsp page is idle for some times (where I leave the jsp page, and not navigating to other page);the page becomes error (I know reason about this), so I logout from the web apps and then relogin, then the pages could not be displayed anymore because of the Tomcat service has stopped.
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    for the exercise purpose only?
  3. Tan,

    Any DB related code is involved there ? If yes , over use of DB resources kills the process.