problem while downloading the free e-book


TSS feedback: problem while downloading the free e-book

  1. i downloaded the free e-book with the title -"Mastering enterprise Java Beans".But m not able to open the zip file.Its giving an error saying not the correct archive.
    How do i go abt solving this problem?
  2. Files can sometimes be corrupted when downloaded over the internet, try downloading it again and see what happens.

        If this doesn't work, let me know and I can email/upload it to you.

  3. I am still having problems finding the source code promised for the book. Can you mail that to me at swosnick at hotmail dot com?

  4. I have downloaded the book myself
    and the file is good - but I cannot open it using
    acrobat3.0 . Is there a workaround?

  5. The book is of size
    5884556 bytes

    Check for the size of it. I am using Acrobat 4.0 and I am facing no problems with it.

  6. Upgrade you Acrobat with AcroReader version 4.0.
    I have no problems with that.
  7. UPGRADE to Acrobat 4.0[ Go to top ]

    Acrobat 4.0 has been the solution to most peoples problems with the PDF.

  8. I have reported a different problem before.
    I can download the book fine but I am unable to open it
    using Acrobat 3.0 !
    Can anybody suggest a workaround?
  9. Upgrade your Acrobat reader to version 4.0 I downloaded the same book today and I used Acrobat Reader 4.0 & it is working fine!!