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    Hey Guys

    This community is frequented by a lot of experts and avid J2EE users. Ideas are shared, people network and community feedback on important J2EE is received.

    I think it would be great if we could have an optional facility to upload a headshot picture into the Member Profile section of the site. I think this would give an added personal dimension to the community and I think it would even further the opportunities available for us to network and get to know people within our communities.

    Those who want to stay anonymous can, but it seems to me that most people have no problems with sharing their identity. Anonymous users who post nonsense can be marked as noisy, and other users who want to really network, share ideas and collaborate can put a face to a name.

    Let me know what you think and keep up the good work.

    Steve Watt
    Data Integration Software Engineer

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    That is great idea.
    How about we reference an existing profile system like Yahoo? (
    That way I would only need to update one place. Just a thought...
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    I have definately seen this idea on other forums. Often the headshot is actually some "cute" icon that the user thinks represents his persona. We have definately talked about doing a lot more with the community wrt user profiles, so users can see more and more about a user (as long as they want that).