issue -- passing parameters to .net webservice


XML & Web services: issue -- passing parameters to .net webservice

  1. Hey all,
    I have a C# .NET web service and a Java client using Apache SOAP. My java client is able to call the C# method fine, but the parameters are ending up being null on the .net side eventhough I am sending the parameters with valid values. I have varified that the parameters I am seding have values using a tcptrace tool.
    Did anybody run into similar issue? What could be the reason?
  2. Did you hand code the client? If so, maybe try a tool like AXIS to generate the client from directly the C# WSDL and see if it differs at all from your client.

    AXIS includes a tool called wsdltojava that does this.
  3. The problem I am having is that on my side(java),I am using rpc style encoding and .net developers are using document style encoding.

    The axis user guide says "AXIS follows the JAX-RPC specification when generating Java client bindings from WSDL."

    Is there a way to generate the stubs, skeletons, and data types from WSDL using WSDL2Java that uses document style encoding.


    Is there any other open source tool that can take .net WSDL and generate stubs, skeletons etc that uses document style encoding?

  4. Have a look at Message services using axis.
    Check the examlpe in samples\message\

    -- Martin
  5. I have seen this problem, it was occuring because of namespace mismatch on the server and the client. Please check the namespaces and test again.