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News: Innoopract Releases W4 Toolkit and Designer

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    Innoopract has released Version 2.0 of its web front-end component library W4 Toolkit and Version 1.0 of its companion gui builder W4 Designer. New features include active cross browser support through rendering kits, gui elements like dynamic treeview and menu, and peformance improvements.

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    Press Release:
    With its introduction of the component library W4 Toolkit and the WYSIWYG-GUI Builder W4 Designer, Innoopract Informationssysteme GmbH has presented powerful new tools for Java web front-end development to the industry. These two tools, which can be integrated into all current development environments (IDE) and Java web application servers, will improve the total cost-of-ownership (TCO) of web applications.

    The W4 Toolkit library provides widgets such as menus, treeviews, and index cards, control flow is driven by events. Thanks to the active cross-browser support of the W4 Toolkit components and their rendering kits, the principle "write once – run anywhere" is now considerably closer to being realised for web front-ends as well. With the W4 Designer, front-ends with integrated data binding can be created very rapidly by way of a visual development process. A W4 Designer version as Eclipse Plugin will be availabe this quarter.

    Recent discussions of total cost-of-ownership have led to the increased use of browser-based applications in the automation of business processes. While the initial focus of savings lies in the realm of operating costs, the development costs of web-based front-ends and the productivity of the end user are frequently neglected areas. The tool provider Innoopract addresses itself to efficiency upgrades in the realm of development and end user productivity by transferring proven practices into the context of web applications with a component library and a visual design tool. This complements current Java technologies supplying business logic in the application server with a powerful new front-end.

    A Java Server Faces compatible version of W4 Toolkit will be available after the spec becomes final.

    About Innoopract
    The roots of the company, which was founded in Karlsruhe in 1992, lie in the realm of Enterprise Resource Planing. Innoopract has been a GmbH (private limited liability company) since 1997. In 2001 Innoopract expanded its business profile by the addition of development tools for Java web applications. The company has been increasing its efforts toward developing indirect operations via partners and distributors since November 2002. Currently Innoopract products are available in 17 countries around the world. The Karlsruhe firm maintains technology partnerships with Borland, Sun Microsystems, and IBM.

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  2. very advanced components[ Go to top ]

    checking your components was a pleasure working with and without javascript.
    I am curios for your jsf implementation.

    -- sven
  3. jsf[ Go to top ]

    Hi Sven,

    the public review for jsf is closed now, I hope the spec becomes final until java one. We will keep you informed about our implementation.

    An online demo of the gui components can be found here:

  4. Nice Tool, but...[ Go to top ]

    - on Linux/Mozilla, the fonts in your demo are very small, almost illegible
    - the company name "innoopract" sounds just terrible, like some medicine for a painful disease :-)!
    - The HTML-Widgets make a good first impression, especially the tree.