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    Our requirement is to use XML and XSLT for presentation.It is also required that even if the XSLT is not supported,our application should be able to display the content.To accomplish this do I have to code for both cases.Please let me know what is the best way of getting around this.

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    Use XSLT on the server, that way you know its supported.
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    Can you be little elaborate
  4. Use Apache Xerces to parse XML files, Apache Xalan to process XML files with designated XSL files to do the XML Transformation on the server and present only the html/wml/text to the end user.

    Use Sun's JAXP to provide independent way for parsing and processing XML files.

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  5. Thank you guys for your valuable advice. Here is another requirement. We have to represent the output from mainframe(which comes in xml format) in the web browser.There is no web server or app server involved.How to deal a situation like this.

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    Use Xerces and Xalan as indicated by Bala. Then a tool like castor/JAXB (I like castor for its support of inheritence) data binding framework will capture the transformed output into a java bean which can be then used to display on your jsp.
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    If I understand your requirement , you want to generate an html from an xml. And there is no server container, ie., you want to do the conversion offline.

     XSLT can be applied to an XML whether or not you are using a server. Since there is no server involved, you might want to write a small converter tool which takes input XML (from mainframe in ur case) and generates the HTML with the help of pre-defined XSL.

     Inside your tool you could use any XSLT processor like Xalan or XT etc. You can find many samples for doing this on the web. You might want to check