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    I am trying to run a sample EJB Hello Word program. For this i had written RemoteInterface,HomeInterface programs. During compilation of this program, I am getting an error message stating that package javax.ejb not found. For this i had downloaded BEA Weblogic Server and suns J2SDKEE latest package. I am getting the same error(s) even. Can any one give the solution for this problem?
  2. For js2dkee, you have to set the j2ee.jar file in the class path before compilation and for BEA Weblogic use Apache ant to build the application.
    Before deploying EJBs on Weblogic, you should create a .ear file with all the files needed for your Enterprise application namely ejb-jars (contains the ejb, home and remote interface) and war files (web applications contains jsp files, servlet class files and other resources). Then lanuch your weblogic server using the batch (StartWLS.cmd) file. After your server started, use this link in your machine http://localhost:7000/console to launch the console, login and select your domain and then the ear application (.ear file) that you want to deploy.

    More information read http://e-docs.bea.com/
  3. set classpath[ Go to top ]

    Dear Balasubramaniam

    Set the classpath on your weblogic server to include weblogic.jar which resides at c:\bea\weblogic700\server\lib.

    Hope this will help you.