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    Hey all! I'm a student, embarking on a project to do some basic exploration/implementation of EJB. I've worked with Oracle extensively in the past, and I've set up an 8i server running on NT for my back-end database (I'm quite comfortable with Oracle).

    Now, as I'm a complete EJB neophyte, I'm wondering what's going to be the easiest AS to get up and running. I pulled down the eval version of Oracle's iAS for Win32 (I'm doing all this under NT4), but from what I've glanced at on the forums here thus far, I'm guessing I may have better luck with Weblogic.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. HaHaHa. Haven't you heard that what EJB stands for (Enough Java Bullshit.) So you gotta take it..... Configuring app server is not that non trivial task. Since weblogic is the most common app server in the market I think you find out lot of material, expertise, and help on weblogic. Besides you can download their trail version free too. Good luck.

  3. Inprise (or is it Borland this week) is one of the easiest
    to install and use. It integrates very well with JBuilder
    too so you can develop, deploy and test all from within
    Unfortunately, I don't think they have a downloadable
    demo version.

  4. You could try this link:
  5. I went ahead and used the trial version of WebLogic; worked just fine once I quit trying to use the (in)convenience tools (webserver.exe, wlconfig.exe, etc), and just fired the damn thing up with the .CMD files.

    Connecting to Oracle was a piece of cake; my sample EJB's are connecting happily and noodling around in my table.

    Thanks for the feedback, all!