t3 protocol! I need some help please.


EJB programming & troubleshooting: t3 protocol! I need some help please.

  1. t3 protocol! I need some help please. (8 messages)

    I'm supposed to help this department to connect to this site over the Internet:

    However, t3 protocol is not recognized by the browser!
    I have this test html page that has below codes to test the link to this site.

    If you look at the codes below it links you to the mentioned site using this t3s protocol which is not recognized by my browser!

    Any help will be highly appreciated.

    <!-- CONVERTER VERSION 1.0 -->
    <OBJECT classid="clsid:CAFEEFAC-0013-0001-0000-ABCDEFFEDCBA"
    WIDTH = 300 HEIGHT = 200 codebase="http://java.sun.com/products/plugin/1.3.1/jinstall-131-win32.cab#Version=1,3,1,0">
    <PARAM NAME = CODE VALUE = "wisevision.visionsfa.common.PingApplet.class" >
    <PARAM NAME = ARCHIVE VALUE = "vas.jar,visionsfa.jar,weblogic.jar">

    <PARAM NAME="type" VALUE="application/x-java-applet;jpi-version=1.3.1">
    <PARAM NAME = "appurl" VALUE = "t3s://wisevision.emergo.sabre.com:443" >
    <EMBED type="application/x-java-applet;jpi-version=1.3.1" CODE = "wisevision.visionsfa.common.PingApplet.class" ARCHIVE = "vas.jar,visionsfa.jar,weblogic.jar" WIDTH = 300 HEIGHT = 200 appurl = "t3://wisevision.emergo.sabre.com:443" pluginspage="http://java.sun.com/products/plugin/1.3.1/plugin-install.html"><NOEMBED></COMMENT>




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  2. Hi, I'm sorry but I don't really understand what you're trying to do. T3 is a physical layer (layer 1) protocol, and definitely you don't expect any browser to recognize it (e.g. TCP is a layer 4 protocol, and HTTP is running on top of TCP port 80). Plus 443 is the default SSL port if I don't remember wrong.

    Would you please give the detail requirment of your task and I can see if there is any other way to do it?
  3. t3 is a proprietary protocol used by Weblogic, an application kinda protocol, I know it's a strange protocol, but the only thing I get when i searched the internet is "Weblogic"!!. It's not the T3 physical WAN protocol i'm talking about here.

    Thank you for your quick response
  4. Yes, t3 is a proprietary protocol for WebLogic. It's main use is for EJB's communicating so a web browser would not understand how to use the t3 protocol.

    There is an applet reference int the HTML source that you provided and this applet may very well be an EJB client and could therefore speak t3 with the server, so it should probably be the applet that uses the url with t3 and not your browser (the browser usually only understands http://, https://, ftp:// etc.).

    I dont know if this helps you but maybe you should speak to someone who has knowledge about the application.

    /Safi Ahlberg
  5. It would help if you can provide additional details about what exactly you are trying to do with the specified protocol. Are you trying to connect to an EJB Facade from an Applet Client ???
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    The document says after installing this application, and run the following page (AACO_test.htm) which I put the html tags of it in my previous thread,and I put it online in below link.


    The document says:
    "This will access the WiseVision server and database via the T3S protocol over port 443 (for network administration personnel information), and can take up to one minute to complete this process. The button will turn slightly darker while processing, and please wait at least one minute before shutting down the browser to retry".

    I've placed the readme file is on the following url:

    The problem is that I couldn't make this connection when I'm behind my corporate firewall and proxy server, but when I dial an external ISP I could connect to Wisevision server with no problems.

    Now, since I'm not a developer, and don't know what,and how t3 protocol handles the communication between the client and the server, I want to know what ports is used for this communication, and if t3 require direct access (no proxy) or not.

    I hope I explained my case clearly here, and I would highly appreciate any help, as I need a solution ASAP, Please.
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    The port this applet is using is 443 which is the standard port for https communication (which normally also is open for this kind of communication in a firewall). The thing is that (as I understand) the applet is communicating directly with weblogic as an EJB client thus using the t3 protocol, and not the https protocol. The firewall may be blocking this, even though the port 443 is open, if it performs statefull inspection (it checks if the packages going through really are http packages).

    This is a tricky part to solve, especially if the communication is done across different companies (with different firewall policies). If I were you I would talk to the people at WiseVision for a solution and to the network administrators of the company that you are consulting for.

    Here are a few solutions that may be applicable:
    1. Open the firewall for t3 (socket communication) on the given port. Not a good solution for security reasons.
    2. Ask the WiseVision people to set up their WebLogic server for t3 over http tunneling (this will have a performance impact though).

    Also have a look at this link:

    Hope this helps
    /Safi Ahlberg
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    Dear Safi,

    I think you hit the point :) , let me give you the network scenario I have here,
    my machine is connected behined a Cisco PIX firewall, and the weblogic server is somewhere on the Internet, So I believe we have only one firewall in the way between the client and the server, I'll go with the first solution since it's in my hand, and work on my company firewall, so what port t3 protocol is using, so that I can just enable it on the firewall?

    Thanks, you're making my day.
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    Hi, again Mohd.

    From your posting it seems that the WLS is listening for T3S on 443 so the port to open should be 443, I am no network expert so I don't know what more the network admin needs to know, but my guess is that he/she wants to know what kind of traffic that will pass through. I think the traffic type should be socket connections or similar (I don't think that T3S will mean anything to the net admin since T3S is proprietary and not a standard protocol) and it should suffice to open for outward connections (the applet probably only acts as a client).

    I also do not know if this i best practice, again, there may be som security issues with opening a SOCKS hole in the firewall (check with the admin), as the article that I sent a link to in earlier posting, this is a tricky area. The solution that the article recomends seems like the best one but I guess that that one is not an option for you since you do not have control over the server side.

    Please also check these links, I think they may apply to you.


    Cheers Mohd