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    I'm trying to create a marketing campaign emailer using a template JSP file as a content, so that i can do personalization for my web page.

    Is anybody could tell me how to ?


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    I think you need to provide some more details (i.e. requirements) in order for someone to provide meaningful feedback.
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    I want to send out an HTML/JSP email like below :
    heloo <%=name%>

    I have something new 4 u:
    Different people have different content (maybe image, etc), depend on users.

    So can I use a JSP as template for my email content. And how to do that?
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    no, you cant use jsp in a mail - jsp lives only inside jsp container (like tomcat).

    you can however create text template, with strings like "%USER%", "%CONTENT%" inside it it, and then replace them when creating the email.
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