Open Source Document Processor Babeldoc Announces v1.0


News: Open Source Document Processor Babeldoc Announces v1.0

  1. The universal document processor, Babeldoc, has been released. This Java application is already in use in a number of very large organizations. Its primarily intended for pipeline processing of XML documents.

    After 1 year of development and 36000 lines of Java code and
    lots of releases, we have arrived at the first major version.

    Babeldoc 1.0 excels at document processing in large and small applications. It is a flexible and dynamically reconfigurable processor that can be used for EAI and B2B projects.

    Babeldoc is targeted at XML processing but can process both text and binary documents. Additionally Babeldoc comes complete with a conversion utility that can convert any input file into XML. Babeldoc has an integrated journaling system that can reprocess failed transactions and track all aspects of its use.

    What is babeldoc?
    - Is a Java framework for processing documents in linear stages.
    - Tracks documents and can reintroduce documents back into into the pipelines.
    - Is monitorable and configurable through a number of interfaces.
    - Can be run standalone, in server processes or in application servers.
    - Can be reconfigured dynamically by text files and database tables.
    - Is ready for the web services revolution

    What babeldoc is not?

    - Is not a replacement for webmethods (yet)
    - Is not an application server
    - Is not a word processor

    How can babeldoc assist you?

    - Rationalize your document flows
    - Monitor and control your document flows
    - Quickly and easily configure your document processing.
    - Report and assess issues in your system

    Babeldoc can integrate with Oracle, Sybase and MySQL and other RDBMS'. It already being used by the Serbian National Bank and by the Bank of New York for mission critical applications.

    Visit for more details.

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