Fun: Matrix Reloaded Philosophy based on Java Philosophy


News: Fun: Matrix Reloaded Philosophy based on Java Philosophy

  1. Since the demographic that reads TSS probably overlaps with the demographic that Warner Bros helps to get to the theatres, you may want to know that the movie is based on Java ;)

    This article compares "The Matrix" to the Java VM, and gets into the philosophy behind both the film and the platform.

    What is the end of the trilogy? William thinks:

    "java.lang.NullPointerException at
    (, Compiled Code)"

    Read about the Matrix Reloaded Philosophy

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  2. "What if the Matrix—the virtual reality, not the film—were written using Java technology? Firstly, Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, and the rest of the characters would be Java classes. How do we know this? Because, their names are capitalized!

    Not since Tron (with it's Burroughs-based "Master Control Program") have I read such delicious and exotic trivia - The Matrix conforms to the Sun Java code conventions.

    "Indeed, in movies, as well as other artistic forms, we find types or archetypes which represent classes which are deeply rooted in human psyche and culture. "

    Which I guess must mean the Matrix was actually written at the time of Plato. In Socratic terms, we have only recently "remembered" the Matrix - just as Alan Kay remembered SmallTalk and Nygaard and Dahl remembered Simula out of the Jungian collective unconscious. Or not.

    "Secondly, because of built-in Java safety and security features, the rebels would not be able to destroy the Matrix except by exploiting any programming errors."

    However, a matrix, even in Java, can have addressing errors - you need to catch exceptions.

    "As you may know, the sequel to Matrix Reloaded was filmed at the same time as the Matrix Reloaded."

    Refactoring was apparently not required.

    -- Rich
  3. nuff said

  4. public boolean iNeedToGetALife()
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  5. "Tell me, Mr. Anderson. What good is an object if you don't have a reference?"
  6. You might go with *NIX and Java.

    you know, the replication sequence:

    MrSmith implements Cloneable...


    On the other hand, I like the *NIX way of fighting back.

    rm -rf Mr. Smith...

  7. Hi,
       Checked through whole article, its really amusing to find such similarities in real world and java philosophy. One thing that keeps coming back in mind is if this is a problem of "chicken and egg". Which came first, chicken or the egg? If we see some of the points that the article is trying to link between matrix and java, we might start thinking that "Fathers of Object Oriented " have done a real good work. Their efforts are proved here with this sort of discussion and the kind of attention it is getting.

     When Grady and all his friends started OO concepts they were trying to represent any Software concept in a real life situation. And that is how the object-oriented philosophy came in picture. Hence whenever we will try to map existing real life scenario it will relate to any well developed and design object oriented architecture, framework, concept or whatever one will like to call it.

     That is why I said in the beginning, is it a question of chicken and egg?

  8. " That is why I said in the beginning, is it a question of chicken and egg? "

    Hardly, since the chicken and egg question has been settled (they came at the same time!)

  9. ...[ Go to top ]

    ...nd "Alice In The Wonderland" is, actually, based on Java Script...
  10. Am I missing something or a Java evangelist took a pill of some sort?.. :-)
  11. Lame[ Go to top ]

    useless waste of time. Not even funny.
  12. Same "sampling".[ Go to top ]

    Both are based on the same philosophy? Yep, it's called "sampling" ;-)

  13. Pascal

  14. Dynamic translation

  15. VM/CMS (since 1960s)

  16. Containers

  17. </ul>
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  18. Summa Technologiae

  19. </ul>

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    "No more drugs for that man!"
  • Hey Hippy, keep your ACID trips away from our "geek" country.
  • Heard the Bros where into it so I did some research.

    The French dude was talking a lot about causality. I'd be curious to see where others see where the Bros talk about structure and imputation by mind.
  • NONSENSE![ Go to top ]

    U need to know more about pattern/logical pattern and apply it to reasoning and writing.
  • I've always been having that creepy feeling of not doing something real on Java... Shit, my cellphone is buzzing!
  • Put Neo to Miseries[ Go to top ]

    // I Believe in Matrix - Ignorance is not a bliss
    // Matrix has Deepak Keswani

    Class Human extends Object;
    Class Neo extends Human implements PowerGenerator;

    Class Matrix{
      misery(Object o) {
      // give object sufferings

    // Put Neo representative of human to un-ending miseries so that
    // Wachowskis can make unlimited parts of the movie.

    public class Wachowskis {
      public static void main(String args[]) {
        while(true) {
          new Matrix().misery(new Neo());
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    What a pile of sad c**p.

    The article was pathetic.
  • Too right[ Go to top ]

    I agree,

    next time please c**p in the toilet, cause this s**t stinks.
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    Agreed. Also, if Neo runs in a sandbox, there is no way to get out of the sandbox. Therefore going in and "get me out" is still happening in the Matrix (as seen in Reloaded). I've not yet seen an applet that uninstalls the JDK. Therefore: Just enjoy the action - that's all it's good for. It's not worth thinking any further.
  • JNI...[ Go to top ]

    Neo will use JNI to exploit the underlying OS...
  • Put Neo to Miseries[ Go to top ]

    Neo can easily prevent this kind of misery by uploading himself as a dynamic proxy :-)
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